Who I am

_MG_1606I spend my time between my involvement at Liip as a marketing strategist for the French Speaking Switzerland and freelance projects.

Marketing strategist & copywriter, I am passionate about my work
I decided working in communication during my Bachelor at Lausanne University where I was a big fan of everything related to linguistics. I applied for a Master in Communication Sciences in Geneva and was among the 30 lucky people of about 130 to be received.
Already bilingual French-English thanks to my Bachelor, I studied half of my Master at the University of Jena in Germany. This is when I decided to work later in Berlin.
More information on my career on LinkedIn.

Coach and athlete, I am a determined rower and trail runner
From training, I take balance, team-spirit and determination, three fundamental principles I apply to carry projects out. On a boat, each rower has strength and a specific role to complete for her/himself and the team. A team has to understand how to function together to be successful and each athlete is responsible for being consistent with her/his training. I take part in several trail running, national regatta, the swiss championships and I introduce adults and kids to the pleasure of rowing.

Contact me if you’re interested into taking rowing class or if you’d like to organise a team-building rowing class with your entreprise.
More information about my rowing club and our Facebook Fanpage. (French)
My last article about rowing: my friend Frédéric Rol trying to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio. (French)