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[Blog Liip] TEDxCERN: Don’t be afraid of technology

Technology is just a tool! In one of the most prestigious place for researches, brilliant scientists shared their inspiration during a whole afternoon. Ripples of curiosity was the theme. This is my report of the conference.

Some people travel to visit the CERN, whereas I had never been there. It is not an impressive building lost in the middle of a green field in the countryside of Geneva like I pictured it. It is lost in a suburban area and the building is not high. Rather, it has long, never-ending corridors filled with doors leading to little offices. It’s very quiet, people whispers there. It looks nothing like the big open space that I am used to. However the people I listened too, have the same conviction about their projects.

Technology & research: for better or worse?

Technology already controls me. I am doing what it tells me to do. See, it tells me where to go and when (well that’s my google calendar). And we are developing robots, they are clever machines. One day It will replace me at my work, then I will wake up and they will take over the world. And all babies will be perfect and born in incubators.
I admit, sometimes, I am lead by emotions and fear technology.

At the CERN, for one afternoon, I listened – mostly open-mouthed. Each of these scientists was amazing, not only because they were brilliant, but also because they were filled with conviction. Each of them develops or researches something which is beyond what we imagine on a daily basis.

Software, ADN, Medical Testing, Artificial Intelligence, each of these researches could revolutionize our world. For better or worse?

Samira Hayat – beyond her fear

Where she comes from, drones are killing machines. As a telecommunication engineer, she overcame her fear and started developing software for drone. It enables drone to work together as a single unit.

… to be continued on the Liip Blog.

Samira Hayat speaking

Samira Hayat speaking