Communication consultant

Straightforward - Down to earth - Result oriented

What I do

From conception to execution or shall you need a hand for a specific part, I am here to support you achieve your objective

Multilingual documents

Be the röstigraben or broader, I am your link to the Romandie market. I adapt your documents for a French Speaking market and ensure that they are easily and cost-effectively available.

Digital presence

Away from complicated code, I help you show off with a clean and professional looking website.

Internal newspaper

Shall you need an advice for the scope of your publication or practical information about its display, I support you in communicating with your co-workers. (Print or digital)

Annual reports

From a legal obligation to a brillant display of your annual success, I help you navigate between your departments and achievements to show the best of your past year. (Print or digital)

Content creation

I support you creating the content you need for your digital and print document. From selection of information to writing

Strategy & coordination

I make sure you achieve your objectives without being ripped off. I refine your strategy, review briefs and offers for other experts or coordinate the work to make sure you get the best.

Who I am

Straightforward. Down-to-earth. Result oriented.

I will not advise you the last very expensive trendy digital communication solution. I will not get you lost in a digital jargon. I will not provide you some over- creative useless marketing option. We will sit together, you will explain who you are, what you are looking for.
I will listen, examine the situation and propose the best possible option according to your needs and your objectives.

I am not interested in supplying you tools or products you don’t know how to use.
Inspired by Agile frameworks (I work at Liip), I will propose you a step by step collaboration. In other words, I will split the work into small units, you do the parts you can achieve, I only support you on what you need. In case you decide that you can go on your own, you can stop the collaboration after each unit. I will train you, to use the tools and products I put at your disposal, so that you can independently update them.

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Developer – Graphic designer & UXer – Offset and digital printer – Translator


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Illustration – Photography – Video Edition – App & Web Development

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